I’m fortunate to work with such a group of therapists where the experience ranges from 15-20 years and all the way down to fresh out of school. Everybody, we come together to help each other out. It’s not a dog-eat-dog world.”

– Mac W.

“I went to school for:
□ Accounting
□ Marketing
X Massage Therapy
X Skin Care
□ Business Management
X Helping People Feel their best
and at Massage Envy, that is what I do!”

Massage Envy understands how owning your own practice or working as an independent contractor can take away from your therapeutic time with clients. That’s why we have created a professional environment where you can focus on the real reasons you chose this career – to help people feel their best! Massage Therapists, Estheticians and Stretch Technicians that are part of the Massage Envy Family don’t have the daily stresses and expenses associated with accounting, marketing, business management, scheduling, driving, professional liability insurance, laundry, room rental, supplies…

Massage Envy – The Preferred Employer
Your schedule will be as busy as you want and will be flexible based on your needs.
You will build a body of clients that come back to see you on a regular basis due to our membership model.
You will be working in a great tipping environment that is above the industry standard, and will be supported to maximize your income potential.
You will be working in a supportive caring environment with therapist and providers that share similar goals, and a focus on serving client needs.
You will be working with a brand that is on the cutting edge of the industry with over 1100 locations world wide.
You will have access to up-to-date equipment designed to help you excel in your field including hydraulic heated tables and iPads to increase quality of service and help save time
You will have access to other perks such as Free Continuing Education.

Massage Envy Spa locations are currently offering their Massage Therapists the following benefits*:

  • Higher base pay for experienced MT’s!
  • Free Continuing Education
  • Paid Time Off
  • ME Membership good at over 1,100 locations nationwide
  • Free Uniforms
  • Schedule Flexibility
  • Student Loan Payment Assistance (up to $100 dollars per month for 24 months)
  • Professional Liability Coverage

*Benefits may vary


WORK VOLUMEEmployer fills schedule for you.Fluctuates and is Unpredictable.
PACING, WEAR and TEARYou get rest breaks and lunch breaks.You are not entitled to any breaks.
PEACE OF MINDWhen you leave work you are done for the day.
You never stop thinking about work and when your next customer will come.
SAFETYHaving people around ensures safety and security.
When you go to a client’s house there is nobody there if you need help.
You get paid for ALL hours at work plus tips. You will get stable consistent income.
You only get paid when you are providing a service. Your income will be highly variable depending on how many clients you can get.
FOCUSFocus on your services and customers instead of everything else involved in running a business.
Besides providing for your clients, you must also deal with the stress and pressure of running your own business.
COSTSNo cost employment. This means you pay nothing to work as an employee. Employer pays everything, including uniforms, linens, lotions, laundry service and other supplies.
You pay for all supplies including, linens, towels, table, lotions, rent and marketing. To get a true account of your income you must also take into consideration the time spent marketing and business planning as well as traveling to appointments or workplace, setting up your workspace, cleaning, and laundry.
TAXESAre withheld with your paycheck. This means you are paying taxes gradually with every pay period resulting in minimum/if any taxes owed in April. Speak with your employer about payroll deductions.
You have to file properly, save receipts and pay your own taxes. This means you get paid all income including taxes that you will owe. Independent contractors often pay their taxes quarterly or during tax season. Often a tax specialist will need to assist you with this process.
PAID SICK DAYSAccrue Paid Sick Days that can be used for sick days.
No paid sick time off.
BENEFITSIf available at your employer, you may opt in for Health Benefits such as Dental, Medical, Vision.
You must find and pay for your own insurance.
LIABILITYThe employer carries insurance for their employees. You are insured while at work.
You are 100% liable legally for your work. You must protect yourself and pay for your own insurance.