Question: What do you look for in a candidate?

We hire experienced and seasoned Massage Therapists and Estheticians, as well as those who have recently graduated. We do offer positions to those still in school or awaiting certification/licensing to help with items that are within their capabilities. We look for motivated, customer-focused professionals that want to meet the needs of their clients and exceed client expectations.

Question: Why are you always hiring? 

At any given time, we need to be able to accommodate influx in demand. Not all locations are hiring all the time, but we are always scouting for talented professionals to see who might be the next hire. At any given time there is a opening somewhere in our 30+ locations in the Los Angeles area.

Question: Would I be a 1099 independent contractor or employee?

All of our staff are employees. 

Question: How does the pay work?

All employees are paid an hourly rate during every hour at the location. Some locations offer other incentives. Each location structures their compensation plan differently, so it is best to inquire at the location you visit during your interview.

Question: Do you offer Medical or Health Benefits? 

Some locations do and others do not. Each location is independently owned and operated. It is best to inquire at the location you visit during your interview.

Question: How many services will I do per week or per day?

Each professional is unique and as such we won’t ask you to perform more services than you are able to do. Some can do more than others and that’s ok. We customize your individual schedule based on what your limits are while also ensuring work place safety. We are committed to the employee self-care.

Question: What are the hours of operation and what do work schedules look like?

Generally we are open 8am-10pm with the exceptions of major holidays.

Question: Is there a minimum number of hours I need to work? 

No.  We offer schedules that are flexible based on your needs

Question: Do I have to rent a room or bring my own supplies? 

No. We provide the room tools and supplies required to perform your services at no charge to you.

Question: Do I need my own insurance? 

No.  You do not need to have insurance to be employed. However, we encouraged you to have insurance, and as an employee, you qualify for discounts through AMTA.

Question: Is there a menu of massages I need to learn or signature massages? 

No. We offer customized services designed to meet client needs. Our customers tell us their needs and pick what they want worked on what they don’t want worked on. We then match to team member capabilities. There is no signature proprietary massage so to speak. We do offer a proprietary Stretch Service called the STRETO Method. We train our providers on that service.

Question: What modalities will I do?

We offer a wide variety of modalities and match our client’s needs with the skills of our team members. The most popular massage modalities are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Reflexology, but we also offer Prenatal, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy and Sugar Foot exfoliating services.

Question: What services do you provide?

Massage Envy is committed to Total Body Care. We offer Professional Custom Massage based on client needs, over 30 different types of Healthy Skin Facials and Total Body Stretch. Our skin therapists provide facials, chemical peels and Microderm infusion services. They also offer enhancements that include eye and hand treatment.

Question: Will I get reviews and how often? 

Yes.  All locations do periodic reviews. You can ask for an evaluation from your manager. Our customers/guests are also surveyed after every session so you can see how you score or are rated on a weekly basis based on your services.

Question: Is there room to grow as a Therapist?

Yes.  We encourage therapist to grow as a provider. When there are positions that open up internally our staff are encouraged to apply. 

Question: How do you support my growth? 

We offer a nurturing environment where therapists can learn from other team members. We offer free Continuing Education hours at all locations. Each location is unique, and you can ask the managers or franchisees about what programs are in place for staff to grow as a therapist. 

Question: What are the size of the rooms? 

We have sizeable rooms that at a minimum are comfortable to maneuver around in without feeling cramped. Most locations also have couples rooms.

Question: How much time is there between services to prepare the room?

Typically, you have a few minutes to turn over a room when you have back-to-back sessions. However, we have procedures and tools in place including the iPad based SOAP Notes system, to facilitate smooth and efficient room transition.  

Question: Can I bring in customers? 

Certainly. If you want to spread the word you can and we welcome more guests. However it is not mandatory that you bring in guests. We do on occasion have friends and family promotional days and many staff members take advantage of these events. 

Question: Do therapists need to sell memberships or retail? 

No.  Massage Therapist are not asked to sell retail products or memberships. However, therapists are expected to continuously assess client needs and make recommendations to clients as needed regarding frequency of treatments and retail that can be helpful.

Question: How long is orientation & training?

Training is done in house at each location. Orientation is usually done in a day or two. We want to have our team members ready to work with guests as soon as they are comfortable. Everyone is different depending on experience, so we can customize your initial training or orientation to your needs.

Question: Is orientation/training paid?